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Welcome to my blog!

Putting up this site to record my activities in a new-found passion, voice artistry.

I'm now a certified voice artist who went through the Certified Voice Artist Program hosted by Creativoices Productions and Mr. Pocholo "The VoiceMaster" Gonazales.

As part of the tasks given to us, we had to hone our skills in recording, preparation, setup, and exposure of our talents. This involved using various software and services usually done by other content creators. Software like Audacity, Google Sites, Youtube, and SoundCloud.

These are pretty much self-explanatory applications, but it takes some learning to get used to. Of course, research and practice went hand-in-hand when it came to creating content for this industry. And I felt that this experience was well worth undertaking.

So have a go at my blog and follow my development. I am looking forward to your moral support!